Classic is timeless, and the American retro tattoos from decades ago are still fashionable today. Old School tattoos are an entry-level tattoo choice for many tattoo lovers.

Old School Tattoo Origins

Old School tattoos refer to tattoos that were popular among sailors and soldiers decades ago.

Old School tattoos

The earliest records of life through tattoos were the sailors under the famous Captain Cook, and then the soldiers who sailed expeditions in war. They went to the East and fell in love with the tattoo culture of Japan, China and the Pacific Islands, leaving a beautiful mark on themselves.

old school tattoos

Tattoos are the “identity ID” of many soldiers and sailors. As many enemies are defeated, there are as many tattoos. In case of sacrifice on the battlefield, the body can be identified.

Later, this tattoo style is more and more sought after by the majority of young people. They think: tattoo, is to be old, intriguing feeling. The color is capable, the expression is clear, and has its own cultural connotation.

Old School tattoos

Old School Tattoo Features

Due to the limitation of tools, the complexity of tattoos during the sailing period cannot be too delicate. The main method is a simple and rough pattern formed by black outlines supplemented by simple colors. This style has also become the prototype of old school in the future.

old school tattoo

The style is bold, with solid black outlines, often filled with solid reds and greens with blues, yellows, browns and purples, as opposed to traditional black-and-gray sketch tattoos.

old school tattoo

All in all, old school has the characteristics of simple, thick and black outlines, large-area monochrome blocks, and less detail changes.

Old School Tattoo Meaning


The characteristics of swallow migration: no matter where they go, they will return to their hometown. The second is that many people believe that if a sailor is unlucky at sea, the bird can take his soul to heaven.


It is where sailors actually work every day, but the sea is very dangerous, so it also represents an adventure.


A sailor who has been at sea for a long time and can’t come home often will wish to have a heart that will bring him closer to those he loves. Sometimes the heart pattern also has the name of the girl he loves, which is also a very popular element.


Represents power and power, acumen without threat, and thus wards off evil and avoids bad luck.